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B-Flute Corrugation

Type B cardboard has excellent crush and puncture resistance and is a great printing surface. This cardboard is commonly used for inner packaging components as pads and partitions.

E-Flute Corrugation

Type E cardboard’s thin construction helps to reduce storage space. It has excellent crush resistance and an exceptional printing surface. It is commonly used for displays, pizza boxes, and packaging of consumer goods such as glass, ceramics and cosmetics.

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Printed Corrugation

Printed Corrugation boxes are useful for dispensing for contents. With high durability and recyclability they are used for shipping of variety of items.

Duplex Boxes

A duplex has many advantages wrapped around it, starting from its maximum protection to its flexibility. They do not require high input cost hence it is cost efficient and a sustainable. It helps in company’s branding and is the most effective way to impress the customers as it looks professional